Nidhogg is 2D side-scrolling adventure game where you control a young viking, Ragnar, that has to go on a viking rampage to get the honour, glory and money necessary to marry his future wife; Snøfrid. Unfortunately not everyone want him to succeed, but no problem is bigger for Ragnar than that a good war axe cannot solve!

The game was started upon in 2000, and is still in the alpha phase. Basically meaning that the game has been somewhat long in the making. Fortunately the development never really stopped and we still believe there is a place for Ragnar’s adventures.

Nidhogg is free software and released under the GNU General Public License (GPL v2+). This means that everyone is free to download and play the game for free. You can also freely redistribute it to friends or others you think would like to have a copy.


Current status

Nidhogg is still, more than 13 years after it was initiated, in the early development stage. It is still lacking most of the game data and is only usable as a technological platform for developers and artists who want to participate. For more development information please see the development wiki. To download and check out the current status please refer to the Download page.



The easiest way to contact the development team is by sending an email on the development mailing list. You can also contact me, the lead programmer, directly by sending a message to the user “skjelten” on sourceforge.net or by email to skjelten_AT_pvv_DOT_org.

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