Nidhogg moved to new web pages

Nidhogg has moved to new web pages (you are looking at them!). We have also created a development wiki where all design decisions will be documented.

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Moved source code to subversion

Moved all source code from CVS to subversion. Some new code (including an almost working level editor) is also coming to Nidhogg.

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Missing data files added to CVS

The missing data files have finally been moved into the sourceforge CVS repository. If you want to try Nidhogg you’ll find all the necessary files in current CVS snapshots.

Regarding our first public release the current plan is to be earlier than “Duke Nukem Forever” ;-)

Edit: Duke Nukem Forever was actually released in June 2011, after 15 years in the making, so we kind a missed that one!

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First design draft

First draft of Ragnar

Our first draft of the coming hero have been done. He will probably change a bit in the time to come but the basic style has been set. The first public release of Nidhoog is not so far away – maybe in the end of the summer.

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Moving to Sourceforge

Nidhogg have moved to SourceForge.Net!

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