Nothing would be more welcoming for us working on Nidhogg than somebody who would like to join our team! The primary skills that this project is in dire need of in the current development phase are:

  • Programming skills. Mostly C/C++ and libsdl, OpenGL and QT (for the level editor).
  • Graphical artistry. Especially on level background design and character animations.
  • Music composer. A complete set of music must be made from scratch.
  • Audio generation. Nidhogg needs sound effects!

To learn more about the current design of Nidhogg please read the development wiki. It describes most of our design decisions and gives a pretty good overview of where we currently stand.

The easiest way to contact the development team is by sending an email on the development mailing list. You can also contact me, the lead programmer, directly by sending a message to the user “skjelten” on or by email to skjelten_AT_pvv_DOT_org. Logo